Monday, 20 June 2011

Absent Note: Italian Lifestyle....

Oh I have been absent again.... my apologies!
My absent note this time is that besides being super busy with seeing everyone and doing lots of 'last minute' social stuff in Milan last week, I have also been to the sea! Liguria to be precise, a gorgeous region on the upper west coast of the boot of Italy. A region only 3 little hours of driving away from Milan and one that I hadn't visited yet. Good thing I went because it is really breathetaking!
Have a look for yourself....

Obviously, I wasn't going to let you hanging with pics from scenery only!
I wouldn't be me, if I hadn't enjoyed some local yummyness. To start off the dinner, we had an aperitivo with some local cheeses and salumi accompagnied with a good Liguria Vermentino white wine.
Enjoying this looking over the sea with a salty wind in your hair is pure pleasure!
After that I had a spaghetti al vongole and a grilled Orata afterwards. I think my seafood levels are up to date now ;) Although I could have seafood every single day! Yummmmmm!!!

Talking of which... my lunch of today is a tasty tuna salad sandwich! Keep tuned for the recipe... (I do like to keep the tension and expectations high, don't I? ;) )

How was your weekend??? In particular, your culinary weekend??

PS: I might be absent for some more as I will be super duper busy the coming couple of weeks but I will try my best to keep up the recipe posting. If not, please fellow cookingclub mates, help me out here?!

Buon Appetito
Chef Steph


  1. Hey Nicole Marie!! Welcome to my blog!!! I absolutely love yours! It's amazing!! You know I am in sorority as well? They have those in Holland... so much fun, your pictures remind me of my sistertime...
    Great to have you here, if ever you want to share a recipe with everyone here, don't hesitate!!!
    Baci Steph