Thursday, 17 March 2011

We need YOU!!!

It's been a couple of days but I haven't forgotten about our International Cooking Club.
Sometimes however, it happens that you can't blog about lovely dishes because you're traveling or doing other things or you are simply eating out. This has been my case the last three days, hence the need of being numerous to put up our recipes, ideas, tips or comments or cuisine thoughts.... But let's be honest, the other reason is simply cos it might get boring reading about the frantics in the kitchen of one single person, aka ME!

So, the basic idea of this blog = to create a real cooking club that shares recipes and stories from the kitchen right here on this blog. 

This can be done in two ways:
1. send in your recipe with comments and pictures and I will make sure it will get posted in the right way
2. you can post it yourself by asking the needed data to access the blog!

So, first of all, send me your interest in participating to:

In any case you need to provide:
1) Ingredients - for how many servings
2) How to make it
3) Outcome
4) Picture
5) A colour that belongs to your posts (ex: mine is green, and chef robert's is dark blue) --> this way it's easy to spot whose recipe you are reading

Voila... I await your numerous emails!

In the meantime of writing I am cappuccino! A nice purple Nespresso cup with foamed up fullfat milk! (the low fats don't foam up so much) Yummm....

Chef Steph


  1. Full-fat she exclaims and childishly sticks her tongue out :p

  2. hehe... exactly!!!! now silently hoping it will work... :)

  3. Very nice, will write to you right now.

  4. Are you still excepting recipes?