Sunday, 6 March 2011

A sunday chill results in a COOKING CLUB!

Hey there everyone,

While having my left overs from my romantic dinner with my man (vitello arrosto slow cooked in red wine accompanied by a yummy Barbera d'Asti) with a healthy salad made out of raddicchio (the red lettuce), tomatoes and avocado, I have decided to start an International Cooking Club.

Starting a cooking club was something I wanted for a while now, but being in the age-group 25-30 you can imagine that finding a group of people available x times a month/year, is quite tricky. On top of that, having my dear cooking lovin family and friends all over the globe it also made it hard to find some cooking fanatics in Milan - my current home!

Hence my - if I may say so - briljant idea: the International Cooking Club that is online!! This way anyone slightly in touch with his cooking skills and wanting to share them, can join us online. Whether or not we will do some live sessions somewhere, will show of the success (or not!) of this formula.

The formula I was thinking of is the following: if you want to join this International Cooking Club, just write an email to with your motivations etc (don't need to be a 5star chef to join... no worries!) and then you're on! You then too can share your recipes with the rest of us. If you prefer to maintain low profile, just comment or ask any question you have by responding to the recipes the current members post. Hopefully we will be numerous soooon!

Which cuisines? Really none in particular... rather every cuisine imaginable to humankind on the planet. Surprise us with your Maleysian, South American, Eskimonian or simply.. Italian specialties!

Ok... Let's get cooking!!!

Baci from Milan
Chef Steph

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  1. Brilliant idea Steef! I'm gonna join you! I have some recipes I would love to share already ;-)! XX Kims