Friday, 11 March 2011

Open Your Eyes Too

Does this look normal to you????
Last summer I read a book that literally opened my eyes; Amber Albarda's 'Eet jezelf mooi, slank en gelukkig', in other words 'Eat what makes you beautiful, slim and happy'.

Amber Albarda, a Dutch young and successful business woman got terribly ill during her sabbatical in Argentina. The reasons behind her illness were living for way too long on sugar, stress and eating wrong foods which lead to a chronic lack of energy! Her body got so frail and weak it had to get sick. And it did. A bunch of Argentinian doctors opened Amber's eyes and made her have a completely new look on food, energy and vitality.

After a couple of months, full of energy and even a size smaller, she decided to quit her energy taking job and preach what she had learned to others. Others had to get to know what supermarkets offer to us is actually making us feel sick, weak and basically like s"{@#t.  That bloating feeling you have after each meal, normal? eh NO!!! Others have a right to discover how our bodies work and how we are supposed to fuel them.

I believe that foodies, such as us, who like to cook, already have a huge step ahead of all other people on how to fuel their bodies right. But do you know which products to choose?
And the real imporant question is: do you know how to fuel your body?? Do you understand the consequences of the foods that supermarkets offer us? Do you know what is healthy for you?

If you don't... then have a look at this documentary that I discovered on Teri's blog 'A Foodie Stays Fit' 

You will literally be SHOCKED!!! and you will definitely know what is NOT good for you, and what will NOT do right to whatever it is you are cooking tonight!


  1. Freedom is an advantage to living in the states, but your health is a terrible price to pay for that luxury...


  2. yes it is... but how free are you guys - and probably same thing in Europe though - in the choice of what you eat??