Monday, 21 March 2011

Turkish Maklube

The first recipe posted by a member of the International Cooking Club!!!!!
A big welcome to Oya Emerk who is writing a blog for some time - however in turkish, you can find some recipes in English and her plan is to have all of them in english soon! 

Let's get cooking some Turkish Chicken called MAKLUBE

1 Whole Chicken 
3-5 glasses of Chicken Broth
4-5 Eggplants
2-3 Cups of Rice
1 Tablespoon Cinnamon
Salt and Pepper to taste
1-2 tablespoons of Currants
50gr Butter
Shortening for frying the eggplants
Skinned Roasted Almonds

What to do:
Soak the rice: meanwhile peel the eggplants and slice them vertically, about half cm thick.
Place them in a deep bowl and salt them generously. Keep them for half an hour in the bowl until they give off their juice. Half an hour later, wash the eggplants and dry them thoroughly. Heat the shortening in a pan and fry the eggplants. Place them on a kitchen towel. 
Drain and wash the rice.

Boil the chicken in a deep pot with plenty of water. To add more flavour, peppercorns, carrots and onion can be added to the boiling water.
When the chicken is boiled, drain it and remove the bones. 
In a flat-bottomed pot, place the chicken meat first as the first layer, then the fried eggplants, and the drained rice. Press lightly with your hand.

When cooking pilav, my rice and water ratio is 1 to 1,5 (1 cup of rice - 1,5 cups of water) but for this recipe I add half a cup of water/broth more. Once the rice has absorbed the broth, decrease the temperature of the cooker and let it simmer until the rice is done. 

Before serving, turn it upside down into a platter and garnish with roasted almonds. Pour the chicken broth over the ingredients, adding currants, cinnamon and a pinch of salt. Finally add the butter

Outcome: A beautiful Chicken 'Tarte Tatin' with rice.... Thank you Oya!


Afiyet Olsun
Chef Oya


  1. WOW- that's a really bizarre recipe- I Love it! Great picture- looks delicious!

  2. i know right.... but def worth a try! Wanna make it and let us know what you think of it??? have anything special you would like to share to the international cooking club community??
    Ciao - Chef Steph