Sunday, 13 March 2011

Papa's Poached Eggs Breakfast

What a way to break the fast better than with my dad's wonderful Poached Eggs!!!

He uses this magic pan for them as, unfortunately the real poached eggs ( the one where you drop the egg into the water without its shell ...) have still not been mastered. However the hunger for the poached egg remained, hence the use of THE pan!

A Poached Egg Pan with steaming technique  
What to do:
Basically you pour a little bit of water underneath the cups where you hold the eggs. 
Then smear the cups with some corn oil, or any kind of oil that doesn't taste too strongly. Afterwhich you break the eggs into the cups (one egg per cup).
Put the lid on the pan and put it on your stove.
Based on how you prefer your eggs, cook them for 5-8 mins.

Outcome: always yum!!! Check it out...

Cheers from Brussels
Chef Robert

That was the first entry of one of our Cooking Club members. I proudly present MY DAD:
 Chef Robert!!!!

Thanks so much for this lovely breakfast recipe. I'm sure it will be appreciated!

Ciao Ciao

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