Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Introducing... International Catering Service

A couple of weeks ago my dearest friend Carmelo decided to throw a little rooftop aperitivo! really, the emphasis was on little!  Everyone out at midnight!

Another emphasis was on the invitation; Silvia, Katia and I were kindly invited to help out with the arrangements. Katia being russian, well that doesn't need a lot of maths to figure what she was in charge of ;), Silvia being spanish brought the frittata which was super good, and me being the cooking nerd as I am, was in charge of the buffet!

Seen the fact that I have some secret plans with Chef Kimberley to set up a catering service in Amsterdam, I am not yet revealing my recipes, but I do want to show you how it looked like. You might get inspired to throw your own rooftop party and hire me as your caterer.... have a look:

Salmon Ricotta Rols, Thai Peanut Chicken, Focaccia, Parmiggiano

Mozza-Tomatoes, Gorgonzola&Ricotta with Pears, Tomatonade, Brie&Jam

On top of the good food: it was the BEST night ever! Laughed my balls off.... nothing little  about that night.
So yeah a little message to my dear Carmelo, Andrea, Fabrizio, Luca and Rocco... 

Come and find me in Amsterdam!!!

Bacione Grande
Chef Steph


  1. Please please please come to Seattle and throw a party at my house. I'll love it :)

  2. This blog is so inspiring. Love your photos!

    /S / http://

  3. I'm genuinely moved...But you're not leaving without treating us to another all-home-at-midnight ape, are you? Carmelo, start setting up your terrazza, please.


    Your Mozzafriend

  4. @ S: Thank you so much, your comment made my day! And keeps me motivated to go on. Your blog looks gorgeous too, very serene with the water! :)

  5. @ Luca: Psssh, common now, do you really think I would leave you hanging like that!! NAAAAHHHH..... we need proper 'see ya laters'! You rumble up the boys and I will sharpen my knives... bacini