Monday, 4 July 2011

Absent Note: Moving

Hey everyone,

Voila, I am back with an absent note. It has been so crazy busy..... First of all by saying bye to everyone and doing those last minute bucket list things. After my last post I went another weekend to the seaside in Liguria with my amazing friends and then started my hell week: MOVING!!!
You have no idea how frustrating it has been.

At this moment I am in Amsterdam, decorating and working on my new house. Hence the lack of cooking and lack of posting because I literally do not have the energy nor time for it!

Have been living on eating out and some cakes and sweets here and there.... Last night was the first meal with kilos of vegetables in a week time. I missed my greens. I miss Italy as well..... :S

Anyways, will be back soon, I promise! At a regular basis. Untill then: keep cooking!!! and don't forget to send them to me including your pictures because remember, we need you!

Buon Appetito 
Chef Steph

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  1. Amsterdam?? You suck. I am in farmville USA.