Monday, 18 July 2011

Super fast IKEAnized Salmon

Dear Peeps,

I can officially say: I am back!!!! It has been a crazy month as I mentioned before. I was so extremely busy with moving at first and then recuperating from it. I needed a little holiday from everything so I went to my parents house, or as I call it: Spa Hamilton! The only thing I do there is sleep, run and cook! This time was no different except that I still had so many things on my mind that I still had to do for the move and the start of my new job....
After my Spa treatment I finally finished my room, and it looks amazing! I feel super duper at home. The kitchen is really nice too and my dear roomies gave me a green card in the decoration so that I can cook the way I want to cook. Guess it is also in their benefit eh...;) The only left to complete is the living room but that will come with time.

Today I also started my new job, and even though it will be super busy there too I decided I needed to pick up blogging again as it gives me so much joy. So I am just going to try to keep it up but don't expect daily things. I will continue cooking daily though so at least I will have continuous material to post!

First things first: my first dish made for my dearest friends Julia & Stef cooked in my brand new kitchen and served on my little balcony.
Moving means going to IKEA right? And what else is there at IKEA besides furniture? The IKEA food section with the most famous swedish meatballs and the Gravlax sauce based on mustard and dill which is exactly what I got and that I served my friends.


  • 700 gr salmon steak
  • salt and pepper
  • Broccoli cut in florets
  • Parmigiano 
  • Gravlax sauce
How to make it:
You heat up your grilling pan to a sizzling heat while you salt and pepper your salmon steak to taste. When the pan is nice and hot, you start grilling the salmon. Depending on the thickness of the salmon and your personal taste you grill the fish 3-4 minutes on each side. I like my salmon nice and crispy on the outside and still a tad raw on the inside.
While grilling the salmon you cook the broccoli in boiling salted water. This doesn't take longer than 5 minutes but again this depends on the size of the pieces you cut the broccoli into. Sieve the broccoli once it's done.
Serve the salmon and broccoli on a plate and add the parmigiano on top of the broccoli and the gravlax sauce on top of the salmon.
Voila you're done in less that half an hour! 

Super good healthy dinner that will fill you right up after a day of moving and a visit to IKEA!

IKEAnized Salmon
Buon Appetito
Chef Steph

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  1. Hi Steef! Superleuk om te lezen! Ik ga je volgen collega. Ennnn.. ik houd me natuurlijk aanbevolen voor een lekker maaltje ;-)
    X Marije