Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Quick Refreshing Side Dish

I'm feeling hot hot hot....
Summer is on the way, and besides stowing away my thick winter coats and woollen sweaters and taking out the summery flower dresses, I am also slowly exchanging my winter diet for a more appropriate and light summery diet, rich with vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs containing heaps of colour and flavour.
Nothing to do about it: summer is the best!

Yesterday I was looking for a side dish to accompany my Fennel&Pea Quiche,  and came up with this minty tomato chickpea dish made of ingredients that were all at hand.


  • one can of chickpeas
  • 4 firm and juicy tomatoes cut up in chunks
  • a handful of chopped mint
  • splash of lemon juice
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil Extra Vergine
How to make it:
Easy: mix all the ingredients in a bowl and you're done!

It was a surprising mix of flavours - mint is a perfect substitution for basel once in a while.
It goes well with grilled meats - seen the season I'd suggest a nice lambfilet, or even a chickenleg- but fish works as well. You can literally go into any direction with this side dish; add some mozzarella or feta cheese with a slice of fresh bread for a complete and nutritious lunch or dinner.

Minty Tomato Chickpea Side Dish
Buon Appetito
Chef Steph