Thursday, 19 May 2011

Birthday Present: Gizzi's Kitchen Magic

For my 26th Birthday, Chef Kimberley gave me a great present: a cooking book - as if I don't have enough.... but I don't because I didn't have this one yet! Gizzi's Kitchen Magic is THE new book to have. Without it, you are not a true foodie!

Gizzi is the new Jamie Oliver but then with boobies of course. She is a gorgeous and talented cook and knows how to mix talent and style like no other. Her cute and feminine look reminds us of a true housewife back in the fifties but her cooking is definitely not like in the fifties! In the book you can find for example; Keralan Egg Curry, Pavlova with Cream and Rubarb, Stilton Risotto with sausage, spring greens and crispy sage etc.... One by one mouthwatering recipes. But the book does not only contain recipes to cook from, she also describes everything from what a beginner needs to know in and around the kitchen, to little details a foodie like me didn't know yet. Furthermore she writes in a delicate and witty way that keeps you hooked to the book for a while!

In a nutshell: a delicious book! Thank you Chef Kimberley!

Get ready to see some of her recipes soon....


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