Saturday, 7 May 2011

Cook to impress: Raffa's Tiramisu

Hey foodies! Sorry for my absence once again but I have been out and about for work with a van called the FIGHTVAN! And what happens in the Fightvan, stays in the Fightvan!!! So no can say, nor reveal any other information on where, how and what we did :) But it was FUUUUNNNN, and... I got a tan.

In the meantime, I gave Chef Cathinka the assignment to post her one person pizza on the blog, yet she has been too busy as well I guess to do so which means we all left you hanging for a couple of days without any recipes. I am truely sorry for that. Thank god we have a new Chef that has sent in something highly postable to make up for it....

I present to you: Chef Raffaela!!! She will get the colour bright pink as she and her sister Sabrina (they come as a unit :) ) are the most pretty, fashionable and amazing ladies out there! So whenever you want to find one of her recipes, just look for the pinkness.
She is introducing herself with a good Italian classic: TIRAMISU!!! Yeah baby... prepare your running shoes for after; you'll need to be working off the whole tray of the yumminess, as you won't be able to stop after one serving!


  • 3 eggs
  • 60gr Sugar
  • 1 pack of vanilla sugar - vanillina
  • 200gr of Mascarpone
  • 6 espresso cups of coffee
  • 28 savoiardi (finger cookies... the long light cookies)
  • pure dark cacao
How to make it:
Prepare the coffee and cool it down in a big cup.
Separate the egg whites from the yolks. To the egg whites you add the sugar and the vanilla sugar, and then you start beating it up until you get a nice fluffly foam. At this point, you add the mascarpone to the foam and continue beating it in order to get a silky and thick cream (hmm sounds like a poem...).
Now you are ready to start the layering process of the Tiramisu into a rectangular tray.
Spread a first layer of the cream into a rectangular tray, on top of which you gently place the cookies that have been soaked one by one into the coffee. Don't soak them too much or they will crumble into the coffee. On top of the cookies you spread another layer of cream and you finish the layer off by dusting it generously with the dark cacao. 
Create another layer like this and finish it off with lots of cacao again.
Cool in the fridge until you serve.

Chef's tip: the number of cookies depends on the tray you are using, but seen the fact the tray shouldn't be too big, you would need a pack of cookies more or less.

Outcome: HEAVEN

Chef Raffaela


  1. il tiramisu è uno di quei dolci golosi italiani che mangeresti sempre!

  2. Infatti!! Troppo buono!
    Ciao Lucy.... benvenuta al International Cooking Club! Sono andata anche al tuo blog ed e' bellissimo, complimenti.
    Cheers- Chef Steph